THEoretical and applied Studies on IncentiveS

Organizers: David Martimort and Wilfried Sand-Zantman.

Welcome to the wiki for the THESIS workshop!
This workshop is part of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) group on Incentives and Public Decision Making (IPDM).

Workshop THESIS 2009/2010:

The goal of this workshop is, as each year, to discuss in an informal and interactive way recent developments in the Theory of Incentives. This year, we will cover two topics : Condorcet Jury and Market Design for Pollution Permits. Two interesting topics but very little relationship between them.

We should meet on Tuesdays at 14:00 pm till 15:30 pm every week (at least during the first trimester). You are supposed to give one or several presentations which ideally should be a mix between the relevant literature on the topic, a particular frontier paper and maybe your own thoughts on the topic. Collaborative work is encouraged. Also, we suggest that everybody reads a little bit about the topic under scrutiny each week so that discussions can really come out of that.

The prerequisite is a good knowledge of Laffont and Martimort The Theory of Incentives : The Principal-Agent Analysis (2002, Princeton University Press) and The Theory of Incentives : Complex Organizations (forthcoming one of these days, we never have been so close).

The reading list for 2009/2010 can be found here.


Workshop in honor of Roger Myerson

Dates: 7-8 December 2009
Place: Room MF 323
Programme: programme_DM.pdf